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Desiree Lopez, CSCS

Desiree’s love for performance and fitness stems from being a track and field athlete for the majority of her life. Yet, it was not till after her running days that she developed the passion towards training that she possesses today.

Desiree attended California State University, Northridge where she ran long distance. Upon finishing her collegiate career in track and field, Desiree was no longer identified as an “athlete” and it proved to be very difficult for her at first. For over a year, she spent her time training with guidance from the University’s Strength and Conditioning Coach to fill the void.

After receiving her Degree in Kinesiology, she left overseas, where she found her true love of Strength Training. Desiree came back with a renewed sense of purpose and pursued her career in Human Performance. She went back to her Alma Mater to intern and is now a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Feeling more of an athlete than she has ever felt in her life, Desiree uses her mental and physical skills to coach high school track and field – giving back to her first love.

Desiree’s goal is to teach people that with proper movement, work ethic, and confidence anyone can be an athlete. She has been highly sought for her programs and continues to expand her knowledge in performance every day. Working with Desiree assures that you will get her passion, persistence and dedication to meet and exceed your goals.

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Athlete Development
  • Speed Training
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Motor Development and Coordination
  • Functional Training
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