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Cameron McGarr MS, CSCS

Cameron, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology. As a proven expert, known for developing progressive and innovative fitness programs, he regularly appears in various publications, including Men’s Fitness™ and Men’s Health™ magazines. Cameron believes that movement is the key to health. He strives to pass along the love of movement to his clients by incorporating bodyweight training along with traditional weight lifting.

Cameron has been working as a fitness coach for more than 12 years. Over the years, he has seen many fads come and go. By using what works and continually improving his education, he is increasing the gap between himself and other trainers in the fitness industry.

With years of experience in the fitness industry, Cameron will help you towards a path to success while ensuring optimal wellness.  Personalized fitness programs offer a blend of individual coaching, nutrition counseling, posture correction, state of the art team fitness classes, motivational seminars and support.

  • Movement Expert
  • Fat Loss
  • Sport Specific
  • Postural Correction
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