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EPX Named Top 10 Gym in Los Angeles

EPX Elite Performance Named As A Top Ten Gym! TimeOut Magazine names EPX Elite Performance as one of the top ten gyms in Los Angeles. Come see why! Whether training for life goals or enhanced athletic performance, this is the go-to for tailored fitness programs by highly qualified coaches. The available equipment emphasizes functional movement patterns [...]

Take My Eyes, Not My Bacon

Take My Eyes, Not My Bacon I’m almost certain that most people have heard of the LA Times article that recently came out claiming process meats and bacon cause cancer, if you haven't, have yourself a good scare and read: (http://www.latimes.com/science/la-sci-meat-dangers-20151027-story.html). If you have read this, I hope you felt the way I do. Really..? [...]

Who Needs a Gym?

Who Needs a Gym? Sometimes, life doesn't allow you to have access to a gym or even a good set of weights -- when you're on vacation, perhaps, or serving 20 in solitary. But you can use nature's best barbell -- your own body. In fact, many athletes use their own body weight for hard-core workouts because [...]

Man Up Your Cardio

Man Up Your Cardio A few simple tweaks can turn a humble cardio machine into a real test of your manhood. As well as being, well, a bit boring, treadmills and stationary bikes aren’t very manly. Rocky Balboa knew this. That’s why he preferred dragging a sled through a frozen field to get his cardio. [...]