New Year, New Me…Tomorrow…

New Year, New Me…Tomorrow…

As the first month of the New Year comes to an end, do you find yourself sticking to your resolutions? Have you even started? Or have you been staring at your phone building, destroying and battling fictional cities. If you’ve put off your physical and mental goals as long as I have put off writing this blog, then I’m here to tell you- DON’T! Now is the best time to get over all of that.

There are 52 days till Spring, from then there will be 92 days till Summer. This means that you have roughly 7 ½ weeks before the sun starts heating up and 5 months to realizing, “Oh man! Summer is here!” Fortunately for most of us, we live in California, where the sun is always shining – except for El Nino, DAMN YOU EL NINO! This means that if you are not already in shape by now, you might as well be stuffing your face full of ice cream and give up on life. ORRR…you can stop by EPX today and take advantage of our Winter 2016 Specials.

Give us 6 weeks to get you in the best shapes of your life! No, this doesn’t mean that you can wait 6 weeks to Summer’s start. This means that you can take advantage of an early start and have 3 programs that will turn you into the envy of all your friends. And if looks isn’t your thing, we have Performance Programs to make you a freak of nature on and off the field, pitch or arena.

All you have to do is take the next step into EPX Elite Performance and get started today! Otherwise, I’ve done a lot of math for no reason. BUT, Im a fighter and I’ve got faith. So come on in and get your workout on!

Stride for Stride,